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Dongguan Yichuan Machine Co., Ltd. was established in June, 2006 and has acted as an professional manufacturer located in the China and have many service site and distributors all over the world that produce PCBA & SMT LINE, Wire Harness Processing Machines, and Semi-conductors lead forming and reel taping machines. Since then Yichuan has carried out business in this industry successfully. We are recognized by our business partners and customers alike for our ability to conduct business at the highest of standards.

Since 2016, we have developed AOI and Customized designing  business as new division of the company, and worked for LED production, special wire harness processing machine, and Special PCB process etc. With experience in machine design and fabrication filed around 16 years, long term business plan is to continuously enlarge successful business in this field.

  • 2007
    started for reel and taping machine in semiconductor industry
  • 2010
    wire harness department set-up
  • 2011
    developped the highest speed auto rivets machine
  • 2013
    first supplier for automotive inserting lines
  • 2017-2018
    building Yichuan industry park in Hubei Province




Service First

  • How to improve terminal crimping quality

    1. Use a High-Quality Crimper: Invest in a high-quality crimper with adjustable pressure settings. A good crimper will increase the accuracy of your connections and reduce the risk of faulty connections. BX-350 Automatic Wire Cutting Stripping And Termi...

  • How to improve press fit pin insertion force control?

    1. Check for Proper Pin Design: The design of the press fit pin can play an important role in the insertion force. Make sure the pin design is appropriate for the application. 2. Check for Proper Pin Material: The material of the press fit pin should be matched to the ap...

  • Press-fit Connector for Automobile ECUs II. DESIGN GUIDELINES

    A. Specification Summary The specification of the press-fit connector we developed is summarized in Table II. In Table II, "Size" means the male contact width (the so-called "Tab Size") in mm. B. Appropriate Contact Force Range Determination As the first step of press-fi...

  • Therefore we have started the development of “the Second Generation Press-fit Connector”,

    A. lthough Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. has already been supplying "the First Generation Press-fit Connector" for the European customer from 2004, it has had a limited throughhole diameter tolerance range of only 90ptm and this has been the major cause of difficulty in...

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